Social Audit

Social Compliance Audit (SCA)

It is business that must take the lead in taming the global frontier. Business must take the lead in establishing rule of law inemerging markets. Business must take the lead in stopping bribery. Business must take the lead in stopping bribery. Business must take the lead in bringing order to cyberspace. Business must take the lead in ensuring that technology does not split the world into haves and have nots." (by Dominic A.Tarantino, Chairman)

To make sure that neither you nor your customers have regrets, MAIXIANG suggests you use our social Compliance Audit service. Our experienced auditors will go to the factory to represent your interest to check if it complies with international standard such as SA8000 which is developed by Social Compliance International. Thus we can help you find out what type of company you are about to do business with a report with full information will be emailed to you within 24 hours with the pictures taken for what we see at the factory. The main check points are as below:

1. Child labor
2. Force labor
3. Minimum wage

4. Workplace safety and health

5. Social benefits

6. The right to organize

7. Discrimination

8. Working hours

9. Protection of the environment

The benefits of performing social compliance audit service:

1.     Enhance your company's image

2.     Ensure that the supplier you have chosen is socially accountable

3.     No need for you to be on-the-spot. Save your money, save your time!

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